Lubricant Glicex LGTB Trans 4 in 1 100 ml

Lubricant Glicex LGTB Trans 4 in 1 100 ml

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The new Saninex range has lubricants for everyone.

This glycerin-based lubricant has been designed to take advantage of the ease of use of a water lubricant with maximum lubrication compared to that of an oil-based one. In addition to this combination, it has a heat effect and is ideal for a relaxing massage, a 4-in-1 at your fingertips. With the medical-sanitary technology that supports Saninex, this product has a high lubricating effect.


  • 100 ml
  • 4 in 1 formula
  • Extra lubrication
  • Heat effect
  • Glycerin base
  • Suitable with body massages