White Creamy Lube Semen Imitation Water Base Vegan 150 ml

White Creamy Lube Semen Imitation Water Base 150 ml

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Did we tell you before that in Nanami we only think about the most realistic pleasure and enjoyment possible?

Say hello to your favorite lubricant brand to an outstanding lubricant. This creamy white lube is the almost perfect (if not 100% perfect) simulation of semen. And when we tell you that it is almost perfect, it is that it is:

  • Texture: A thick and creamy texture, thick but liquid at the same time, just like real semen.
  • Color: a semi-transparent white color that, with the passing of seconds, and when in contact with the skin, becomes translucent. You'll think it's real semen.

Nanami White Lube is the lubricant you need if you want your nights (or mornings, afternoons, or mid-days...) to be filled with realistic and highly pleasurable sensations. Enjoy masturbation to the fullest by adding realism with this white lubricant, or use it with your partner to add that extra touch of sensuality that we are always looking for.

Being water-based, it is ideal for use with your dildos, vibrators, balls, eggs... everything will become much more realistic, special and, above all, pleasurable, with the new water-based white lubricant from Nanami, your favorite brand of lubricants.

Just like its siblings, this water-based lube is silky smooth, skin-friendly and latex-friendly. But not only that, but when you finish using Nanami White Lube, you will be able to see how it has hydrated your skin, leaving it silky and especially shiny.


  • 150ml
  • semen imitation
  • Water base
  • Creamy texture
  • Vegan
  • white lubricant
  • suitable with latex
  • skin friendly
  • Moisturizing